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GUEST scored
155 points!

MAKLAY scored
9050 points!

DWM scored
5124 points!

GUEST scored
70 points!

CHUCK scored
2165 points!

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Diamonds Crush
Played total: 10512
Played today: 1
Rating: 60%
Fans: 1
Genre: Puzzle

Game video: Diamonds Crush

Diamonds Crush is a new highly enjoyable highscores puzzle game in which you must collect given number of diamonds to progress to the next level. How many diamonds can you collect?

Press and hold the left mouse button a diamond and move it to the neighboring diamond of the same color to create a chain! Longer chains give you better score! You have 45 seconds in each level, collect given number of diamonds to progress to the next level!


- global leaderboards included - you play against people all around the world
- highly enjoyable game for all ages
- great fun for the whole family
- simple to play

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