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QUEENI scored
1891 points!

ALFRED scored
532 points!

GUEST scored
1732 points!

WILLYS scored
12609 points!

DONNA scored
2192 points!

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Words And Cards
Best Quotes Guessing Game
Word Games 80 in 1
Hidden Candies
Slide Racing
Played total: 3012
Played today: 1
Rating: 100%
Fans: 6
Genre: Action

Race as Almond in the wildest cars competition ever. Your Dad has been murdered and you make team with his beautiful mechanic in a 12 cars tournament. Reach the goals to unlock new tracks and new Leagues, win races to get sponsors coming with better cars and upgrades for your car.

WASD keys or Arrow keys to drive your car. Press P to pause the game.
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