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OJOJSI scored
2325 points!

BOB scored
3335 points!

MARJOR scored
2230 points!

GUESTX scored
1570 points!

JT scored
1737 points!

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Played total: 12151
Played today: 2
Rating: 71.6%
Fans: 3
Genre: Puzzle

Game video: iCount

How good are you in Math? Prove it in iCount!

iCount is an ultimate math game in which you can practice 4 arithmetic operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or their mix. The game contains many great features that will surely increase your Math skills. There are 2 game modes - Challenge where you must complete as many operations as you can in the time limit (your score depends on your speed) and Practice mode, in which you can practice as long as you need. In practice mode you can also choose how many operands you want to practice with and the operands range! Do not forget to submit your score for Challenge mode to a global leaderboard! For each challenge there are detailed stats (challenge duration, average score, graphs, etc) and each challenge is stored in cookies so you can see your progress under YOUR PROGRESS button. To type the numbers you can use your keyboard or virtual keyboard included. The game is released as a flash version, android version and NOOK version on B&N. I hope this game will improve your math skills!

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