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ROBINO scored
715 points!

MAZA scored
1174 points!

MCARM scored
586 points!

ALYSSA scored
1362 points!

POPMAR scored
1578165 points!

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Little Big Jump
Played total: 5433
Played today: 1
Rating: 80%
Fans: 4
Genre: Arcade

Game video: Little Big Jump

Nice arcade game in Mario style with 3 games modes! Help Arbie get home in 13 levels and 3 different locations! Try to build your own levels and share the level code with your friends! Show us who is the fastest Arbie in the Fastest Arbie mode!

Arbie is lost! Help him find the way home! Arrows - movement, up-jump, spacebar - shoot. Try also building your own level in level editor!

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