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Days2Die - The Other Side
Played total: 3243
Played today: 1
Rating: 80%
Fans: 5
Genre: Action

Game video: Days 2 Die The Other Side GP

This is a prequel/sequel to the original D2D. Ever wonder what happened to the harbor? you'll find the answer here!\r\n\r\nTakes place during the events of the original Days 2 Die. Now you play as Sgt. Vic Radel, a member of TCPD SWAT team assigned to rescue survivors.

Use A,D or left, right arrow to move around\r\nmouse to shoot\r\nspace/W/up arrow to jump\r\nE to talk or to open doors\r\nW,S or up,down arrow to climb up and down the ladder\r\nI to open inventory\r\nhold shift to walk\r\nEscape to open option screen\r\nR to reload\r\n1,2,3,4 to change weapon
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