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GUESTP scored
2118 points!

THE QU scored
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GUEST scored
1874 points!

TANNA scored
40725502 points!

GEORGE scored
129 points!

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Spelling Pro
Played total: 2276
Played today: 3
Rating: 100%
Fans: 3
Genre: Puzzle

Game video: Spelling Pro

How good are your English spelling skills and memory? Prove it in Spelling Pro!

There will be shown a word on the screen, try to remember it as fast as possible and tap when ready (watch out, your points are already running). Then the word will be hidden. Try to answer all 3 questions regarding the word previously shown. Faster you answer the questions, the better score you get! You have 180 seconds for each round and there will be 8 rounds in each game. Watch out, you can make max 5 mistakes, otherwise the game ends. Submit your score at the end of the game and review score of other people to see who is the best!

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