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ROCHEL scored
1349 points!

GUENME scored
3989 points!

ROCHEL scored
1317 points!

ROBIN scored
0 points!

GUEST scored
539 points!

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Word Search Games
Played total: 6760
Played today: 4
Rating: 100%
Fans: 0
Genre: Puzzle

Game video: Word Search Games

Word Search Games is a collection of word puzzles in 3 languages English, Spanish and German! How fast will you find all the hidden words? Learn new words and vocabulary in an entertaining and challenging way!

There will be shown a list of hidden words that you must find on the board! To select a word just press the left mouse button on any letter on the board and move it to neighboring letters horizontally, vertically or diagonally! There will be shown a currently selected word at the top of the screen for your help and better orientation. Find all the words as fast as possible and go for highscores! You can even change the background color - just press the Color button in the bottom left corner.What more? Each game is on points! Your score depends on how fast you will find all the hidden words! More times you play = better overall score you get for each language! You can even submit your score at the end of each game to a global leaderboard and see points of other people! (if you prefer playing relaxing mode without any time limit, then take your time and play how long you want, nothing happens at the end of the time limit)

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