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11795 points!

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366 points!

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EDE scored
25424 points!

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Spelling Challenge
Played total: 3563
Played today: 2
Rating: 100%
Fans: 1
Genre: Puzzle

Game video: Spelling Challenge

Test your spelling skills and challenge people from all around the world in our newest English spelling word game Spelling Challenge!

Are your spelling skills good enough to be able to make it into TOP20 global highscores? There will be shown a word on a screen and your task is to decide if the word is spelled correctly or not! You must answer correctly a number of words that equals to "TODO" number in the top right corner to be able to progress to the next level! Watch out, in each level you can make max 5 mistakes. Also watch out for level limit shown under the word. If you lose the level, you can play it again (max three times), then you must start over. Go for highscores!

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