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GUEST scored
2270 points!

GUEST scored
1610 points!

GUEST scored
2540 points!

GUESTW scored
1125 points!

LATHAM scored
746 points!

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1 Word 6 Tries - Countries
Played total: 2687
Played today: 2
Rating: 100%
Fans: 2
Genre: Puzzle

Game video: 1 Word 6 Tries - Countries

Popular word search guessing game is back, this time with country names! 1 Word 6 Tries is the second part of popular word guessing series 1 Word 6 Tries in which you must guess what word is hidden on a screen. Go through 10 rounds and collect as many points as you can! In each round you have 6 tries available, less tries you use = better score you get! Submit your current and overall points at the end of the game to see who is the best!

There will be shown one random letter in each round, try to guess what country name is shown on a screen! There are included countries from all around the world and continents (Europe, America, Asia, Africa,..). Use the provided keyboard to type the letters! Watch out, you can make max 6 mistakes in each round, otherwise the game ends!

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