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GUEST scored
13018 points!

SUFIYA scored
1070 points!

CARLOS scored
3900 points!

CRAZYC scored
1801 points!

ROHANM scored
3163 points!

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Easter Eggs Shooting Madness
Played total: 3436
Played today: 1
Rating: 100%
Fans: 2
Genre: Action

Game video: Easter Eggs Shooting Madness

Shoot down as many Easter Eggs as you can!

Click anywhere to shoot and shoot down as many Easter eggs as you can! Your score depends on your accuracy! Watch out, in each round (10 rounds in total) there are 9 eggs to be shown and you have 9 bullets available. You can miss max 3 eggs in total, otherwise the game ends. Shoot out as many points as you can and compare your score with other people all around the world! Go for highscores!

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