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1802 points!

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451 points!

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865 points!

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1287 points!

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3125 points!

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Word Mania
Played total: 11139
Played today: 2
Rating: 100%
Fans: 6
Genre: Puzzle

Game video: Word Mania

Game video: Word Mania

Game video: Word Mania

Word Mania is a new word search game with original gameplay, 3 game modes, over 170K possible words and possibility to submit your score! Can you make it into TOP20?

Press on letters to create words with 3-10 letters! Read instructions for each game mode. To submit score you can also use Enter/Spacebar.

* 3 game modes
* over 170K words
* new and original gameplay
* global leaderboards included
* optimized for both desktop & mobile
* great tool to learn new vocabulary

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