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BHAWNA scored
1167 points!

TIGGY scored
1828782 points!

GUESTH scored
0 points!

ALEX scored
1255 points!

GUESTD scored
202 points!

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Crossword Mania
Played total: 7686
Played today: 3
Rating: 73.4%
Fans: 2
Genre: Puzzle

Game video: Crossword Mania

Crossword Mania is a crossword game with a new and refreshed game play! Features: * Global leader boards are included, you can play against people all around the world! * Over 170,000 words to find! * Each game is unique, you will never play the same game twice! * You can customize the look of the game!

Find as many words as possible! Longer words = better score!

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