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GUESTG scored
189 points!

GUEST scored
250 points!

CHARLE scored
388 points!

DIEGO scored
3810 points!

LUCANU scored
232 points!

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Words And Cards
Best Quotes Guessing Game
Word Games 80 in 1
Hidden Candies
Played total: 22990
Played today: 1
Rating: 96.4%
Fans: 6
Genre: Puzzle

Game video: Wordcraft

Wordcraft is a new highscores word search puzzle game with 3 game modes, 2 languages English and Czech and over 170 000 possible words! SIMPLE LOOK BUT EXTREMELY ADDICTING GAME!

Get the best score possible and when you are ready to submit your score press THE RIGHT ARROW IN THE LEFT TOP CORNER!

How to play: Press the left mouse button on the letter and drag the mouse to select a word! Longer words give you better score! Please see ingame instructions under HELP button to see more information and game rules!

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