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VICKI scored
395 points!

REM scored
1492 points!

CANELI scored
3810 points!

GS scored
15885 points!

VICKI scored
392 points!

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Legor 4
Played total: 26531
Played today: 7
Rating: 86.2%
Fans: 8
Genre: Puzzle

Game video: Legor 4

Popular highscores puzzle game Legor is back, harder then ever!

Press on the shape and drag to move the shape, click on it or press spacebar while dragging to rotate it! Fill all the empty slots in the best time possible! You will need to use all the shapes that are on the table! Submit your score to see who is the best! Your progress is saved after each complete level, so you can continue later in solving the levels you didnt finish yet!

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