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Ultimate Word Search
Played total: 4998
Played today: 2
Rating: 90%
Fans: 8
Genre: Puzzle

Game video: Ultimate Word Search

Why to have millions of word search games, when you can have them all in one game? Ultimate Word Search game lets players create their own word search games and share it with other people all around the world!

START - player can play chosen category created by other players

EDITOR - player can create his own game by typing the words into 15 predefined input fields. Player must enter at least 5 words (each must have at least 3 characters). If there are 5 words entered, the player can choose if he will play it immediately or if he wants to submit it for approval so other players will be able to play it later.

PENDING APPROVAL (in editor) - list of the categories that are waiting for an approval before other players can play them

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