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SALLYM scored
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GemCraft Labyrinth
Played total: 3985
Played today: 1
Rating: 86.6%
Fans: 1
Genre: Puzzle

Game video: GemCraft Labyrinth

After decades of preparation, the test you've been waiting for, the Labyrinth, has finally appeared before you...

Click on spell buttons, click to place buildings, drag gems to where you need them. Everything can be done with mouse, but there are also some shortcut keys.

* A: Build amplifier
* B: Throw gem bomb
* D: Duplicate gem
* G: Combine gems
* Space: Freeze/unfreeze time
* I: Enable/disable info panels
* M: Extend mana pool
* N: Send next wave instantly
* Q: 1x/3x game speed
* R: Build trap
* P or Esc: Go to the Options screen
* T: Build tower
* W: Build wall
* X: Refund mana from gem
* U: Upgrade gem (duplicate & combine)

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