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1436 points!

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1274 points!

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1326 points!

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1434 points!


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Hidden Candies
Alchemist MOBILE
Played total: 1965
Played today: 1
Rating: 70%
Fans: 2
Genre: Android

*Diagonal is possible but it's not designed for it*, the game is best played on multitouch devices where you can use all your fingers. "Cheating" is *OK* if it makes your game faster! Even without timer the faster you find the combination, the more points you get. Enjoy! - Apprentice, Master Alchemist has prepared some formulas for testing - they will show up as a row of colored gems at the top of the screen. To test a formula you have to pick the right components from the grid by swiping your pointer across all of them in one move. Just press, drag and release. The correct color components should be connected together vertically or horizontally in one chain so they will be easy to spot. Just dont forget, you need to swipe the formula in the correct order - from left to right, otherwise it would not work. Every formula you try out turns the secret color substances into tiny pieces of gold and the faster you do it, the better!

Please read in game instructions!
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