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Zombie War
Played total: 2192
Played today: 1
Rating: 0%
Fans: 7
Genre: Action

As the last platoon of soldiers on earth your job is save humanity from the zombie hordes! 10 different upgrades!

As the last platoon of soldiers on earth your job is save
humanity from the zombie hordes!

Kill all the zombies in each sector to clear that level and move onto the next. Take control of your soldiers and use them to destroy the zombies and build defenses.

Use your commanders gun to protect your base. Once the base is destroyed it's game over!

Use the upgrades to kill more zombies!

You start each level with 3 soldiers. A Machine gunner, a Hand grenadier and an engineer. Each solider type has different abillities. Use the engineer to build walls and lay mines once you have upgraded.You can order in more soldiers if you have the funds to do so. Soldiers are dropped in by a plane. You can click on the plane to drop them where you want them, or if you wait they will be dropped near the base.Your commander guards you base. There are 3 types of gun he can use. A rifle (which you start the game with) a machine gun, and finally a cannon. Each gun type has strengths and weaknesses.

You base can also be upgraded to wire fencing or stone walls. In later levels zombies will move quick so remember to upgrade as soon as possble and build your defenses early!

Zombie War is controlled via mouse or keyboard.

Scroll the screen by moving the mouse to the edge of teh screen. Click on a soldier or click and drag the selection box around a group of soldiers to control more then one.

Move the soldiers to a specific point on the ground, by left clicking on the ground, once you have a soldier selected.

Soldiers can be made to attack or defend. Engineers also have extra commands available to them that allow them to drop mines or build walls, with the appropriate upgrades.