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Railroad mania
Played total: 2220
Played today: 1
Rating: 20%
Fans: 7
Genre: Action

The object of the game is to complete 10 levels by building a railroad between two stations. Each level has a required number of track parts that have to be used within a time frame. Building a railroad longer than the required minimum provides extra points. If the player manages to reach the end station, bonus points are received. Available track parts are selected randomly so the player has to plan where to position them.

Complete the levels by building a railorad track that has at least the minimum number of required parts for that level. Click on the empty squares in the field to place the next track part on that location. Click on the available tools to rotate the upcoming part or destroy the ones already placed in the field. You do not need to reach the end station to advance to the next level, but doing so will grant you extra points. Click on the Start station to start the train early.