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SAM scored
909 points!

JC scored
2046 points!

REBECC scored
1278 points!

JOANNE scored
4910 points!

GUEST scored
718 points!

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Spelling Book
Played total: 1780
Played today: 1
Rating: 100%
Fans: 0
Genre: Puzzle

Game video: Spelling Book

Education and fun, can it go together? Spelling Book is a new educational English spelling puzzle game that will teach you spelling in an entertaining and challenging way! The game contains a lot of features including global leaderboard in which you can see points of other people, so do not forget to submit your score at the end of the game to see how is the best in spelling!

There will be shown 4 words on a screen and your task is to mark all the correctly spelled words! Your score depends on your speed! Watch out, you can make max 5 mistakes and there is a time limit of 75 seconds! Will you make it into TOP20 highscores?

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