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ARYAN scored
2003 points!

ENUSMI scored
42151812 points!

TANVI scored
1412 points!

GUEST scored
933 points!

ENUSMI scored
42150970 points!

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Blocks Mania
Played total: 13102
Played today: 2
Rating: 84%
Fans: 3
Genre: Puzzle

Blocks Collapse Mania is a new highscores block collapsing puzzle game with 2 addicting game modes - Challenge and Classic with 50 levels! Simple puzzle game to play, but difficult to master!

Click on a group of the same blocks to remove them! Classic - remove given number of blocks to progress to the next level! After you complete each level you can continue playing until there are possible moves! Less moves required to complete the levels = better score! Challenge - each group removed must contain at least a number of blocks above the board to reset the board! Watch out the number is increasing! Get the best score possible!