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HBARBS scored
1017 points!

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5371 points!

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7804 points!

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1285 points!

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The Wordies
Played total: 11316
Played today: 1
Rating: 77.6%
Fans: 5
Genre: Puzzle

Game video: The Wordies

The Wordies is a colorful relaxing high scores word search game with thousands of possible words and addicting gameplay!

Press the left mouse button on the letter and move your mouse to the neighboring (horizontally, vertically, diagonally) letters to select a word, release your finger to submit the word! Perform combos to get the new letters! The combo is made when the letter in your created word is of the same color as the first letter in your word! (example: First letter is pink, each letter of pink color in your word will add one combo!). Each triple combo will add new letters, otherwise the letters are removed! * global high scores included * colorful word search game * thousands of possible words * each game is unique

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