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GUEST scored
2040 points!

GUEST scored
1311 points!

ISHITA scored
2476 points!

PETER scored
2711 points!

SUE scored
1731 points!

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Hidden Words
Played total: 7148
Played today: 3
Rating: 90%
Fans: 1
Genre: Puzzle

Hidden Words is a new word search highscores game with 28 categories and possibility to customize a look of the game as you want!

You can change the color of the background, color of the highlight line and also color of the letters! There is unlimited number of color combination, so you will surely find a one that fits your eyes the best! And what more, once you set up the color combination it will be saved so next time playing you will see the exactly same one as you setup! Get the best score possible from all categories and submit it to see who is the best!