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LILLEN scored
397 points!

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1328 points!

FRANTA scored
169 points!

NANAVA scored
1199 points!

JUDY scored
1400710 points!


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Madpet Skateboarder MOBILE
Played total: 4923
Played today: 1
Rating: 80%
Fans: 21
Genre: Android

PLAY ONLY FROM YOUR CELL-PHONE! In the role of MadDog Skateboarder try to get as far as you can on the skateboard and perform various tricks to achieve the extra score!

* Try to get on your skateboard as far as possible! *
* do various tricks to get an extra score! *
* press the 1-6 buttons (on left/right side of the screen) to perform tricks! on the beginning you can use only 2 tricks! more are unlocked on your way! *
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