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Undead Highway
Played total: 7059
Played today: 4
Rating: 96.4%
Fans: 11
Genre: Action

Game video: Undead Highway

Use your ingenuity to build wacky, powerful weapons to keep the undead horde at a safe distance while you make your way to Haven Island!

Here you were, watching television and minding your own business when BAM! -undead apocalypse comes smashing right through your front door. But don't go feeling sorry for yourself, there's some survivors holding down a fortress at a place called Haven Island. Fortunately, you've got a brain for making gadgets. Send those creeps back to the smelly world they came from by finding junk and assembling it into devastating weapons. Keep an eye out for car keys, some of those zombies carry them around. Once you have them, find a car and drive the hell out of there!
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