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QUEENI scored
1271 points!

EMF scored
3196 points!

GUEST scored
1170 points!

GUEST scored
1361 points!

GUESTI scored
4886 points!

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Stick BMX Challenge
Played total: 3467
Played today: 1
Rating: 81.8%
Fans: 5
Genre: Sports

Pull off backflips,Frontflips and wheelies, complete the given challenges in every level and unlock other levels.

Set out on an adventure on your trusty bike. Your challenge will be to climb over
steep hills, In addition, try to perform back flips and front flips to score points, the
more stunts you perform, the more numbers you will end up scoring. Keep in mind that: You will also be given a target of the amount of stunts you must perform in order to advance into the next level.