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MAHESH scored
1897 points!

LOVELY scored
6984 points!

GAYATR scored
2811 points!

FREDOL scored
9022 points!

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2482 points!

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Helicopter - The Game
Played total: 4281
Played today: 1
Rating: 80%
Fans: 9
Genre: Action

Helicopter - The Game is a fast paced arcade shooter. The aim of the game is to carry across soldiers from the battleship and deploy them into the battlefield. You will also have to contend with enemies trying to stop you by shooting back! Compete for the high score.

Collect the Allied soldiers by landing on the specified landing pad. The pad will be marked with an arrow above. Once 3 soldiers are loaded the Load Indicator on your Helicopter will go green. You can now ferry them across the water and deploy them on the land. Deploy the soldiers in the air and they will parachute down to safety (if you do it correctly!) Any soldiers which land outside of the Safe Zone will be lost and will not accumulate points. Be sure to avoid all the enemies you can and shoot them for extra points. The difficulty indicator displays how far you have progressed and the current level of difficulty the game is at.